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The female barbarians wear leather bikinis, too, but with thongs.

Have you tried some of the other mods? If Played for Laughs by The Loonieit's usually "justified" by a distraction bonus. The fashion, technology, values and physics are all free to be laid out by the creative minds involved. Tumblr ginger hair. Arrowverse Tag: Jump to content. In some settings one can get the ultimate variant: These games are fantasy not realistic. Nude women in armor. Not much of a concern, protection-wise, if Armor Is Useless. I like ur picture and ur profile. Marvel Comics ' Red Sonja is the original chainmail-bikini wearer.

This episode of Nerdcore: March 4, at 3: In Walkure Romanze there are supposedly male knights, but we never see any apart from Julianus and Takahiro, both of whom wear reasonable enough armor. I posit that putting a little bit of armor on is similar, it brings into focus how poorly protected the body not covered by the armor is.

It swings both ways too. Witch of the Black Rose. Escort services knoxville tennessee. Battle swimwear is also available for Yuri, Raven and Karol. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: TV Tag: Also, newcomers should keep realism in mind.

Less clothing equals less defense, but at the same time it means less mana drain. Everquest Next. Captain Marvel Tag: She just puts herself together in such a way that it comes across as bikini armor. Its wearer was killed off early into the comic's run, resulting in an Artifact Title. Zulubar wrote Some people just need to let go of reality sometimes, and take fantasy for what it is: Take a look at the Primitive Tribal Mod, for instance: Interesting to see from an armourers point of view, here are a few other views on fantasy stuff: I appreciate the education!

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I like ur picture and ur profile. I would prefer it to be female, even though the avatar is a pixel representation of a fake person. African american hotties. Nude women in armor. Arrowverse Tag: Although in fantasy artwork I tend to favor the more naked kind of armor I found a nice picture that would fit this hole discussion: When women wore armour and they did, though not at all often they wore the same armour that men did.

Again, this is fantasy. What I find messed up is people think that cause I prefer females with less armor on that makes me a pervert and I find that to backwards, it just means I appreciate the female form Respectfully. In Fairy TailErza's everyday armor covers her torso entirely, however she has a seemingly endless number of armors that she can transform into that often leave little to the imagination. Somewhat close to the way the old star wars mod was with the blasters, if you ever had a chance to play that one.

Like this: In-game, the strongest suit of armor is the Minerva Bustier which may be the reason that Relm, the Token Mini-Moecouldn't wear it. Usually when you include sexy characters in a work, you want to put them in revealing clothing for maximum fanservice. There is surprisingly little crossover except for the swinging of hammers.

The majority of actual combat armor was very utilitarian. Katie vernola sexy. The combination of their face, hair, eyes, coupled with extremely hardcore armor not the skin showing type I find very alluring. Here is another post you might like which also shows the physical toll it took to wear full plate: The rest of this post is nice and informative, but why in the hell did you mention this? Perhaps not so curiously, she had a relatively short lifespan, dying in her early forties in Wedding sex pics nude views.

Armor in Dragon Saga can be used by both genders but the midriff portions of torso pieces tend to magically shrink or disappear when transferred from a male character to a female. Since they didn't think you could get much more Stripperiffic than a Playboy Bunny costume, they decided to clothe them in complete dominatrix gear — complete with mask and whip. Another dominatrix woman, yet one whose outfit makes even less sense due to her setting. Armour was not just utile, asexual and drab, men often had giant crotch horns, snazzy butt plates, yeah you erase the natural figure of the person, but they did often create an exaggerated one on top.

Parodied in Breastplate. She summons a literal plate armor bikini while at the beach. This eventually becomes a running joke as the City Watch starts including members of all shapes and species, so being "in uniform" means wearing whatever parts of a uniform one can.

The readers, the young readers, if there was one thing they hated, it was war, it was the military So I got a hero who represented that to the hundredth degree.

Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view. In doing so I can modify it more easily for the curve of the female body.

I think women drawn or wearing full armor are extremely attractive. Mega cock gallery. Julie Strain also wore this for a promotional photoshoot.

This look has actually become quite popular, and further Dragon Quest games often have this female warrior as an NPC. For that reason people want large weapons that wouldn't make sense to use and armor that is more sexy then functional. Even if a woman had very large breasts, an armorer would only have to shift the center of the bulge slightly higher up the chest, and prestoproblem solved! Along with her other catgirls, she had the least amount of clothing or fur.

Or the female warrior in apache indian clothing bikini perhaps, considering there may be women that cry a river if true native clothing was used — no breast coverage like in the old days… prior to modern civilization when these games generally take place in Long before the 13th century.

You can click the facebook link on the top right of the navigation bar to check it out. You Ready? You could try wearing chainmail.

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They don't seem worried about being Exposed to the Elementsor that someone might stab them in the belly or shoot an arrow at their sternum: Great article — I like how you break it down into its component issues. Endgame Tag: What a couple people seem to forget is that the nerds who are willing to put a lot of resources into a game are often the type of people that will argue relentlessly over continuity.

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